We’ve had two meetings now for the EC that my wonderful, patient dh is leading for the boys in our homeschool group. It turns out that nearly every boy (from one homeschool group) that was even close to the target ages signed up. I have twenty-one (yes, 21) boys on the list! The first day we had 17 men & boys in our basement. Four dads showed up and really seemed to learn a lot and enjoy the lecture dh gave.

The second meeting brought us nine boys and four dads, some of each group being new. Dh lectured again and demonstrated something electronic-y. Everyone seems to be having a really good time, even dh.

I think he is channeling his inner teacher. He always says that he is not a good teacher, but I think he is great when it is something he is passionate about. He seems to be rather at ease up in front and has managed to really excite some of the boys (and dads!). Isn’t that what teaching is all about? Exciting and inspiring your students to further study and exploration? I say a resounding YES!

I’m pretty excited about how all of this is going. I have to admit it isn’t working out how I’d originally thought; dh is doing a lot more lecturing and the kids are doing a lot less playing. But that will turn around soon, once they get a bit of foundation under their feet. Most of the boys came into it with little idea of what electricity was and now they’re moving on to components and theories.

Cheeseburger is enjoying it, as well. He is making some friends and learning a lot. Dh had taught him a lot of this already, but to have it presented in class form like this is causing him to focus a little better and take in all the information on a deeper level. He comes up after class and doesn’t even seem disappointed to have missed two hours of video game play. {wink} That’s really saying something!