Or should I say, “Dad school”? One of the ideas for a homeschool family who is trying to implement a Thomas Jefferson Education (Leadership Education), is Mom School. The idea is somewhat like a co-op, but run a little differently and the reasons for doing it are a little different.

Firstly, the planning and implementation of a Mom School is not only in the hands of the parents, but the children who are to participate also contribute. In a normal co-op setting, moms (and dads, of course) make the decisions about curriculum, classes, teachers, and times. In a Mom School, the child or children involved fully participate in the planning and execution of the class or club.

Secondly, the entire idea of the Mom School is to implement an activity that your child(ren) needs to fulfill a part of their training for their life-mission or even the mission itself. This is not just regular schooling (although it could be) because Mom doesn’t feel capable of teaching Algebra. The idea is that if your child needs something, and it isn’t already available, you make it happen.

I’ve decided to take this step with Cheeseburger. He has been passionately interested in electronics for several years now. Because of this, we’re going to start an electronics club, opening it up to the two homeschool groups to which we belong. I’m not sure what kind of participation we’ll get because we are a half-hour out from each group’s central location, but I’m hoping at least five or six boys will want to join us. Mr. Nutt will teach a concept (determined by the boys’ interest and knowledge level) one Saturday each month, and two weeks later, we’ll meet again for experimentation and application. I’m really hoping to form a cohesive group of boys, so that we can enter a contest or two.

Do you see an area in which your children need a class, club, or organization? Is it already available in your community? If not, is there some way that you could get it started?